Sebastian Javier

Sebastián Javier is a pop wunderkind, a modern-day troubadour turning heads worldwide. 

Growing up in Argentina, he was immersed in music and inspired by icons such as Queen, Michael Jackson and The Beatles. At age 7, Sebastián’s musical journey began with vocal lessons. Shortly afterwards, his family moved to Canada, where he currently resides. 

With a desire to create, he took to YouTube as ThatSpanishBoy. In 2016 he released his debut single Nobody But Us and Spanish language single Sequiré Aqui which he debuted opening for Meghan Trainor. Via 3-world tours, Sebastián’s has garnered millions of hits under his former moniker, Sebastián Olzanski. 

In 2019 he released his debut single under the Javier brand, ‘Manicomio’, a Latin pop anthem and his follow up single, an English/Spanish single, ‘UNA’. With a Worldwide tour completed, and more music coming for his fans; it’s Sebastián Javier’s year.