Tyler Hilton

Tyler Hilton is best known for his role as Chris Keller on the CW hit-show "One Tree Hill", for playing Elvis Presley in the Johnny Cash biopic, "Walk The Line."  In both notable roles, he plays a musician, indicative of his real-life musical talent. After a long wait, he has broken free from the creative restraints of his record label, and is excited to finally be introducing the world to the new music of Tyler Hilton--on his own terms.
His most recent album, “Indian Summer”, is his first full-length release in over 4 years and unleashes a new side of the artist combining multiple genres.  Today, Tyler is happy to be on the scene as an independent artist, touring the U.S., Canada and Europe, as well as working on new film and TV projects, including the hit CBS sci-fi series, "Extant", alongside Halle Berry.  TylerHilton.com